Friday, September 30, 2011

Achievement and Experience

Works and Experience

MV "かわらないもの" Direction/ Animation
Animation_Mother Company Safety Show "Layla Lost"Segment. USA

Directing and animating music clip "Fuki to Hiyoko" for TV programe Minna no Uta, NHK Japan. (2013)
Illustration works for BAKU International magazine, published by Condé Nast UK. (2013)
Illustration works for BBC Live music gig event "Takeout the Contract" (2012-2013) 

ICMI group presentation film (November~)
TIFF内イベント Geen Energy Festa用ショートアニメーション制作(October)  
Animation artworks for Tempo Tissues Advert "Winter noses" (Sep-Oct)
Story board artworks at Film Club (June/July)
ベネッセこどもチャレンジ別冊ふろく本文イラストレーション (May)
graduation film "When I was young" official selected Annecy International Animation Festival 2012.

卒業作品"When I was young":弟6回TOHOシネマズ学生映画祭短編アニメーション部門 準グランプリ受賞 (March)
ベネッセおやこみらいアワード2012:「においくらべ」優秀賞 (February)
本文イラストレーション:「彼女たちの朝ごはん」ダグハウス編 日本文芸社

Animation artwork/story boarding at Film Club (December)

アニメーション製作 "きつねのチャランケ/ The Ainu and Fox" (July-October)

Animation artworks for Tempo Tissues Teaser at Film Club (September)
Work shop assistant for miss led, 10m interactive painting project (September)
Animation artworks for Tempo Tissues Advert at Film Club (August)

Illustration for JibJab Birthday Wish at JibJab media Inc. (July~on going)
Animation for JibJab Birthday Wish at JibJab media Inc. (July~on going)

SKY ARTS sting competition shortlisted "A is For" (June)
Animation Collaboration work with MICHIRU "pray for Japan" (March)

Animation Collaboration work with Japanese music Band & to U "カワルセカイ"

Illustration HIUC大阪パンフレット表紙
Animation ”stop smoking" タバコは健康を損なう:動画CMコンテスト3位入賞



London International Animation Festival 2012 (U.K)
KROK International Animation Festival 2012 (Ukraine)
International Short Film Festival Detmold (Germany)
那須ショートフィルムフェスティバル2012 (Japan)
ひめじ国際短編映画祭2012 (Japan)
Holland Animation Film Festival 2012 (Nether lands)
弟6回TOHOシネマズ学生映画祭 (Japan)
nominated Best student film British Animation Award 2012 (U.K)
2012 Future Film Festival (UK)
第五回こどもアニメーションフェスティバル (Japan)
Canterbury Anifest 2011.(U.K)
Animated Dreames Animation film festival 2011. (Estonia)
Flip film festival 2011. (U.K)
NEU/NOW online festival 2011.
Animation Factory festival 大阪/函館 2011. (Japan)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Birthday wish

Illustration for the Birthday e-Card
Holbein Artists' Gouache, colour pencil on paper

One of the project I have been take a part is online now:D

JibJab Birthday Wishes are launched!

this is a facebook application of Birthday e-cards.
(there are 3 free cards trial! but my work is not included in there...)
I done 2 animation e-card and 5 illustration cards.


facebookアプリケーション”JibJab Birthday Wish”が開始しました。


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tree No.6

watercolour on paper

I sow really lovely tree in Epsom today.
It remind me the giant beautiful tree in the Russian animation film "Hedgehog in the Fog"




Sunday, September 4, 2011

goodbye and hello

pencil on paper

"There is no end. There is no beginning. There is only the passion of life."

Federico Fellini

Goodbye Farnham! I never forget this 4 years.

Friday, September 2, 2011


watercolour on paper